C Wurf

The Red Chillies DATE OF BIRTH: 20.04.2024 Ready to leave by: 27.07.2024 Number of kittens: 4 Everything is out of the ordinary around the Red Chillies. After the difficult start, everything was fine and happy until the kittens turned 3 weeks old. Then, Mia decided to transfer her kittens to a new nest. This is …

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B Wurf

DATE OF BIRTH: 11.03.2024 Ready to leave by: 17.06.2024 Number of kittens: 4 The kittens were about 3 weeks old when they have got a 2nd mother. Lilou, Mia’s daughter visited the nest out of curiosity and fell in love with the kittens. Since that moment it wasn’t possible to remove her from the nest. …

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A Wurf

DATE OF BIRTH: 24.05.2023 Ready to leave by: 30.08.2023 Number of kittens: 4 On the 24th of May 4 little kittens came to the world. Mamma Mia managed the delivery as a pro and was taking care of the kittens with her full attention. She hasn’t even left the nest to go to the toilet …

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