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We are a small Birman cattery in the Bodensee Region in Germany. I breed with love and care and the cats are considered family members. My mission is to preserve and improve the magical Birman Breed by breeding healthy, affectionate and possibly show quality kittens that correspond the breed standard in look and personality. Birmans can have several color variations and although I love all of them, I focus on the red/cream line and any dilution (blue, lilac, fawn) in my breeding program. 

We live in an apartment with a cat safe balcony. The cats live as family members and move free in the flat. They have cat trees and shelves everywhere and they even have their own room with playing, climbing and relaxing areas. They like sleeping there and I love it when they decide to sleep together with me in my bedroom. My cats are used to leash and harness. We go for walks when we don’t have kittens. I am happy to introduce harness and leash to the kittens based on individual requests of the new owners, so the kittens can easily be taken out for walks after they move to their new families, but due to risk of infections and parasites I don’t take kittens outside.

the cats and kittens

The kitten spend the first 3 months of their life with me. I see them growing and developing, I love them every day. I am present at their birth, I follow their daily growth with love and care, I see their first steps, I play with them daily. I am there when they discover their little world, when they first meet the cat litter (and taste it instead of peeing in it) and the first kitten pate (and step in it instead of tasting it). 🙈 I was the first human they purred for. They became my little family and I will forever carry them in my heart. It is not easy to say goodbye to them. If I could, I would keep them all, but of course it is impossible if I want to work on the breeding program towards the improvement of the breed. Hence I am selecting very carefully who is going to take care of them for the rest of their life. I would like them to have a happy and safe life with access to proper health care and good food.

The kittens leave the cattery earliest at the age of 14 weeks. By this age they use the litter box and scratching post and they learned lots of important developmental and social lessons from the mother and siblings. They are used to domestic noises and are socialized with adults and children. They go to their forever home dewormed, vaccinated and chipped; have a pedigree issued by DEKZV (FIFe) and a health certificate from the vet. In case they move abroad, they’d need a passport and rabies vaccination, so they’d leave at 15 or 16 weeks of age when the rabies vaccination goes effective. As Birmans are very social cats, I do not give my kittens to a solo-cat household. Birmans need the company of other cats that cannot be substituted by dogs or humans. If you are planning to have more cats but there is a time gap between the arrival of the 2 kittens, please let us talk, I am sure we can find an agreement.

I do my best to provide a good base for a happy, long and healthy life for my kittens. The queens get kittens maximum once a year. This practice allows the mothers to fully recover until the next litter and give birth to strong babies. The parents are tested negative for FIV/FELV and so the kittens are also negative.

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Since early childhood I was dreaming about becoming a cat breeder one day. Once I saw a photo of a kitten with mesmerizing blue eyes and grey face. It was love at first sight. I researched and found out the kitten was a blue point Sacred Birman. There was no doubt this was the breed I wanted to focus on.

I registered as a breeder in 2022 with DEKZV (1. Deutscher Edelkatzenzüchter Verband e.V.), the local member of FIFe. The name, Mirmurillum was put on record in 2023.

When I was looking for a breeder name, I was aiming for a unique name that has a meaningful definition to me and sounds good as well. Murmurillum is a latin word, it means purr (feline purr). 

A purring cat – for me – is the symbol of content and happiness. The relaxing murmuring sound and the knowing that my cat is content, makes me happy. Purring releases endorphins in cats, and it can do the same thing in humans, too.

Continuous learning

There is always something more to learn about cat breeding… Genetics, cat psychology, nutrition… The more I learn the more I see how much more I need to learn. 🙂 

PawPeds is an organisation educating cat breeders and maintaining an international pedigree database and running health programs to reduce genetic diseases in cats.

PawPeds G1 Course - 2021

In 2021, I successfully completed the General course step 1 (G1) with PawPeds Academy.  The course provided basic knowledge about cat ownership, health, nutrition and safety. 

PawPeds G2 Course - 2022

Step 2 of the general course, G2, provides knowledge about pregnancy, kittens' development, basic genetics and breeding plans. I successfully completed the course in 2022. 

where we are

We live in Germany, in Konstanz. The historic town is located on the shore of the Bodensee, just a few steps away from Switzerland. 

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Mirmurillum Sacred Birmans

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