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Missie & Theodor

became parents on


Litter B – The sweet Bees

Mia & Theodor

became parents on


Litter C – The red Chilies

Lilou & Theodor

waiting for their turn 😉

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Theodor & Missie

Possible colors of the kittens:
Girls: Blue tortie or Seal tortie
Boys: Blue point or Seal point

Both cats have ancestors with chocolate gene, hence there is a minor chance for chocolate or lilac tortie or point colors.

Theodor & Mia

Possible colors of the kittens:
Girls: Red point or Cream point
Boys: Red point or Cream point

There is 50% chance for the kittens from this mating to be tabby (striped), because Mia is a tabby.

Theodor & Lil

Possible colors of the kittens:
Girls: Red point or Cream point or Blue tortie or Seal tortie
Boys: Blue point or Seal point or Red point or Cream point 

Both cats have ancestors with chocolate gene, hence there is a minor chance for chocolate or lilac tortie or point colors.

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Registration for the waiting list of future litters is always open.


I do my best to provide a good base for a happy, long and healthy life for my kittens. The queens get kittens maximum once a year. This practice allows the mothers to fully recover until the next litter and give birth to strong babies. 

I would like my kittens to be happy and healthy and be loved in their new family at least as much as they are loved by me 🧡 

They became my little family and I will forever carry them in my heart. I saw them growing and discovering their little world. I was there when they opened their eyes or when they made their first steps around the nest. I was with them when they first tried the cat toilet (and tasted the litter instead of peeing in it) and when they first got kitten pate (and stepped in it instead of tasting it). 🙈 I was the first human they purred to. 🥰

It is easier to say goodbye to them if I know they go to the right home. Hence I am selecting very carefully who is going to take care of them for the rest of their life. I would like them to have a happy and safe life with access to proper health care and good food. For this reason I would like to get to know you before I place their life in your hands.


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My part

Kittens go to their forever home dewormed, vaccinated and chipped and of course healthy in every way. You will get a health certificate issued by the vet and a vaccination pass as proof.

Both parents of the kittens are tested/vaccined for FIV/FELV and so the kittens are also negative. My breeding cats are free from genetic diseases.

As an addition, I offer a health warranty for hidden defects.

The pedigree issued by the DEKZV, the first pedigree cat association in Germany, which is also a member of the international association FIFe, proves that the kitten and its ancestors are purebred Birman cats.

Kittens come with a detailed contract of sale as a pet including the conditions of the warranty and a castration obligation from your side

The kittens leave the cattery earliest at the age of 14 weeks. By this age they use the litter box and scratching post and they learned lots of important developmental and social lessons from the mother and siblings. They are used to domestic noises and are socialized with adults and children.

 In case the kittens move abroad, they’d need a passport and rabies vaccination. I will take care of it and help you to check other rules for importing a kitten into your country.  The rabies vaccination cannot be given earlier than 12 weeks of age, so these kittens would leave at 15 or 16 weeks of age when the rabies vaccination goes effective.

The kittens will leave with a generous starter packet including toys and food for the first days.

After you have picked up your kitten, I will continue to be there for you. I will be glad to give you information about anything that can help you and your kitten to have a happy life together. Introducing your kitten to other pets, switching to a new cat food, unusual behaviors? Just contact me. I’m happy to share my experience and learned knowledge with you, and if I don’t know the answer to your problem, I may know someone who does.

Your part

An obligation to neuter the kittens before they turn 10 months old, is part of the contract. It is also in your and your cat’s interest.  Unnecessary heat periods by females can cause a womb inflammation that can lead to death, and male cats can become grumpy and place stinky territory marks around your flat if they stay unneutered.

The reproduction of kittens sold as pet is not permitted in any form. 

As Birmans are very social cats, I do not give my kittens to a solo-cat household. Birmans need the company of other cats that cannot be substituted by dogs or humans. If you are planning to have more cats but there is a time gap between the arrival of the 2 kittens, don’t worry, we’ll figure out the best way to go. I am also happy toshare my experience and knowledgeon how to intorduce a kitten to your older cats.

I wish the kittens to have a long and healthy life. Good quality food and access to proper health care can ensure that your kitten stays healthy for several years. It is recommended carrying out regular booster vaccinations and offer grain free, high quality cat food. I am happy to provide you with information on healthy food if you need advice

Birmans are particularly trusting cats, they are friendly with strangers. Most of their ancestors lived their lives inside of the house, so they are not suitable anymore to live outside. They can be easily stolen or become victims to predators. Hence it is not allowed to let your kitten roam free outside. A cat safe balcony or garden, or walking on leash are the way to go

I would like to follow up with the kittens in their new life at least during the first year.  If you move to a new address or change your contact details or if you are no longer able to take care of the cat, I would like to know about it.

If you are interested in getting a kitten from Mirmurillum, please get in touch, I am happy to provide more information and get to know you.

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