Cat litter

There are sooo so many brands available on the market. There are 3 main categories of cat litter based on material but you can also find clumping and non clumping litters, and several other attractive info on the packaging.  How to decide which cat litter to choose? Clumping or non-clumping The first main aspect to consider …

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Good Cat food

There is lots of information about what means healthy food for cats. Some owners swear on raw feeding, some believe in well-known traditional brands that spend lots of money on advertising (e.g Royal Canin, Whiskas). A new trend is, to completely avoiding dry food, while some owners feed exclusively dry food. But what is really …

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Breed Standard by FIFe

The Birman is a color pointed cat with long silky hair and pure white gloves on the feet. The body is strongly built, elongated and stocky. The distinctive head has strong jaws, firm chin and medium length Roman nose. There should be good width between the ears, which are medium in size. The blue, almost …

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