Missie was on honey moon

After a long and thorough search, we found the right boyfriend for Missie. It is a blue point stud with extremely fluffy fur, deep blue eyes and a lovely, tender personality. It was a good choice, because Missie got along with him very well. She stayed with him for 6 days on her first honey moon. I think my little sweetie didn’t understand the situation. I think she might have thought I have given her away. She was so happy to see me when I collected her, she was jumping like a puppy to reach my head and give me a headbutt. Oh, dear 😥💔

She didn’t get pregnant on her first honey moon. Maybe she was too stressful. Or maybe she just wanted to see the boy again. 😉 Anyway, we had to repeat the visit. This time she stayed 7 days and she didn’t seem stressed at all. When I collected her, she didn’t even want to leave her lover. I almost felt bad that I had to take her away while she was calling for him 🙈

She is now putting on weight vey nicely. We are looking forward to confirm her pregnancy…