Litter C was born

Not as we planned By the beginning of April, Mia started to turn into a happy beach ball, just like last year. Pregnancy looked so good on her ❤ A few days before she was due, I noticed that she had some discharge. We went to the vet clinic, she got antibiotics and we checked …

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Litter B was born

On the 11th of March 2024 Missie started to behave a bit unsettled. She was going from room to room, sitting here, laying there. I could tell, that she was getting ready to give birth. Although I expected the delivery 3 days later. My bad. When she was with Theodor, she didn’t show any signs …

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Love is in the air

  The first 2 months of 2024 have been exciting. My queens went into heat and Theodor seemed ready to become a father. Scheduling matings and pregnancies is a challenging part of breeding. The breeder has to consider the health of the queens first of all. Too frequent pregnancies exploit the body. Too many heats between …

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Mia went on honey moon

Unfortunately, Missie didn’t get pregnant in January, and she didn’t mind if Mia dated her fiancee, so Mia visited Zucchero in March and returned from the honey moon with a bun in the oven 😉 Her possible kittens will be tortie girls and red/cream boys. Looking forward to see the kittens!