The kittens were born!

Mia was growing into a purring beach ball in the last weeks of pregnancy. She put on 1300g weight and wasn’t able to jump on her favorite furniture anymore, not to mention how grooming herself looked. I think she was really looking forward to give birth and return to her flexible beach body. On the 65th day of her pregnancy, during the night of 24th of May she woke me up several times to clean my forehead, so I assumed this is her motherly instinct being activated. I stayed with her in the morning and about 10.00 she in fact started to prepare for delivery.

By 11.20 the first kitten was born and Mia managed it like a pro. By 14.00 we had 4 pretty kittens with good standard weight. Mia was anxious in the first 24 hours, she didn’t leave the nest, not even for a toilet break but from the 2nd day she became more relaxed and confident and she leaves the kittens time to time to fulfil her own needs of socialization and being petted.

As it seems, 3 kittens are females with tortie colors (not visible yet, what kind of tortie) and there is 1 male of red or cream color. They eat very well and grow nicely. They already doubled their birth weight on the 7th day.