The kittens went home – Litter A

The kittens turned 14 weeks old

The 4 sweet kittens of Mirmurillum’s Litter ‘A’ have reached the age to meet their future families by the end of August. Poppy, Rosie, Fox and Lil developed very nicely, all four of them turned into cheerful, cuddly young cats.

It was time to prepare their little luggage. Mamma Mia curiously checked if I packed all their favorite foods and toys and their favorite cat pillow that carries the well known smell of the home they grew up in.

Mirmurillum's Amber Poppy and Amber Rose

Poppy and Rosie were really lucky to have found a family that adopted both of them, so they can continue living together. 💕 I personally find it the best way kittens can move out: siblings have a very strong bond and any new adventure or unknown situation is easier together.

A lovely young couple, Nina and Max from Saarland offered them a home with lots of love and comfort. I am really grateful they are doing such a great job providing a happy and healthy life to the kittens and I am sure Poppy and Rosie love their new home. ❤

I regularly receive photos from the new family. 😍 (I am sharing them with their permission – of course)

Mirmurillum's Arctic Fox

Little red head Fox showed already at very early age that he’s meant for more than just living a pet’s life. His good profile, nice roman nose, good eye color and well set ears together with his good character and silky fur made him suitable for cat shows. And his Australian blood line woke the interest of a group of Birman breeders in Norway. He now lives in Norway and is going to be the father of Norwegian kittens. 💕

He is owned/shared by 4 experienced breeders in Norway that together have quite a few females for Fox so he will have a satisfying life 😉

In order to travel abroad he needed a passport with rabies vaccination, so his departure happened a few weeks later than that of the sisters. The future owners, Gunn, Marlene, Hilde and Marie waited for his arrival with excitement.

Although the ownership on the documents is shared, he has a permanent and loving home at Gunn’s. He already started to build a friendship with another Birman girl and a Main Coon cat and he even has a 4 years old fan ❤ As it looks on the photos, he enjoys afternoon naps together with his new family. (Photos shared with permission- of course)

He is going to participate his very first cat show in October. I am super excited to hear about his results and evaluation 😍

Mirmurillum's Amber Lil

Blue tortie point little Lil will remain in the cattery. She developed a very good profile, her ears sit really well and I love her harmoniously spread cream spots within her blue fur. She is turning into a very pretty princess. 💖 She was born with a grumpy face and just now she started to show the soft expression that is required on Birmans. She turned into a cuddly kitten that likes being groomed and she enjoys the privileges of cuddling with mum. 

She is going to her fist cat show in October and I am super excited to see how she likes the show and what result she’d earn. 😍